To all whom it might concern:   I am speaking to the London Futurists (plus anyone else who cares to come along) on “Does Infinity Exist?” at the Peace Pagoda, Battersea Park, London  2 p.m. Saturday 8th December

This incidentally will be the first time that I will be talking about Ultimate Event Theory in public (and it is only last year that I started putting posts up about it). (It has taken me all of thirty-five years to reach this point of no return.) It seems that the Pagoda is entirely the right location for such a discussion though it was not deliberately chosen by me, indeed not chosen at all. I had originally aimed to hold the meeting (the first I have ever called on such a subject) indoors somewhere in a venue in central London but could find nowhere available for this date chosen entirely at random. Then a few Sundays ago, my partner, the painter Jane Maitland, suddenly said “Why don’t we visit Battersea Park today?”, something we never do — the last time I was there was at least eight years ago. We passed by the Pagoda but didn’t go into it. That night it suddenly came to me that the best place to meet up was the Pagoda. Why the best place? Because the origins of Ultimate Event Theory go back all of two thousand and five hundred years to the ponderings of an Indian ascetic about the nature of the physical world and the misery of human existence.